Saturday, March 10, 2012

Super Stage, Two Year Anniversary Today!

Hi everyone! So, I have been here in Senegal for TWO years today, and it has flown by. I dont even know where the past year has gone. Ive started clearing out my hut, planning out how to get my cat to DC(Jin is my favorite!!), and helping to set up two new sites near my village where volunteers will install (move in) this May. I have spent the past week in Dakar, using internet, applying for summer jobs, and getting work done. Most importantly, I found out that I have been accepted at the University of Victoria! I am still waiting on a couple of other schools, but the program at Victoria is pretty much perfect, plus Ive already lived there and know its a beautiful, fun, and exciting place to be. So, my fingers are crossed that nothing goes wrong with the paperwork, and that I can become a student there soon!

Here's the website for the project I would be working with:


I also just figured out how to write a bold hyperlink that opens in a separate window! I know a 6th grader could figure it out but I'm still proud of myself :-) Anyways, I am coming home to Michigan on April 14th, and will then head down to NC with my family for my sister's graduation from UNC Asheville on May 5th. After that, my plans are up in the air. I would like to go hiking for a couple of weeks at some point, and hopefully spend that time with people I have been missing for the past two years! Ive also started applying for some summer jobs, though the thought of hanging out in Ann Arbor or Novi for the summer, and traveling to visit people throughout, sounds pretty wonderful as well. Mostly, Im just excited to see everyone, buy new clothes and electronics, get back in shape, and feel helthy and good again.

I still have a month here, though, which is perfect. I have work to wrap up and a lot of goodbyes to get started on. I know its going to be hard, and I will keep you all updated! I thought I would leave you with a glimpse of my daily life. This Baobab tree is about a 30min walk from my village. I head out there most evenings with a nalgene full of hot tea. I sit in the tree, watch the sun setting, listen to podcasts or music, and then walk home before it gets dark. Its really nice :-)

On another note, one of my friends here, who I spend a lot of time with and visit in her village whenever I need a vacation, is working on a health hut. Her projet is up on the website for donations, so if you are feeling generous, she still needs funding. The village is awesome, and its a great project! Here's the link:

Health Hut!

One last thing, my mom is getting surgery on Thursday, and Im not sure how serious it is. Please keep her in your prayers!